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"Be a part of our vision to give higher education to orphan youths in developing countries"

Volunteer at the orphanages we support


Let IBSH help you discover what volunteering and helping others is all about by connecting you with the Child Rescue Centre in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia. It is at this very orphanage where our founder first came up with the idea to help orphaned children with higher education. The orphanage is home to 28 children and is situated in a small village named Krang Lovea, which is approximately a 90-minute drive out of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. The children range from 6 years old to 22 years old and the majority come from the surrounding provinces, all with their unique and heartbreaking stories as to why they are in the orphanage.

It’s a truly unique place to volunteer, as it is a live in orphanage so you are with the kids 24/7; it’s the reason why many past volunteers find themselves returning over and over again. Whilst volunteering at the Child Rescue centre you can spend time with the children helping them with English, be involved in their cleaning and action project schedules, attend school or part time study with them, assist in the kitchen and plan nightly parties or day trips for the kids.

Volunteer costs: 2 weeks $350 AUD (volunteering, food and accommodation inclusive)

Registration fee: $49 AUD

Testimonial from an IBSH volunteer - Sam Tripp.

"Volunteering with IBSH was an absolutely amazing and life changing experience that I will never forget. While each of the kids were obviously fighting difficult pasts, the orphanage was a truly inspirational and positive place to be. I loved every second of my time teaching, playing with and just talking to all of the incredibke kids, who's strengh and happiness taught me so much. I got to know some of the most beautiful and intelligent kids I have ever met, who only had the opportunity to have a great education and hopefully go to university, thanks to the work of IBSH and everyone at the orphanage".

Testimonial from an IBSH volunteer - Roselyn:

"Our time volunteering in Cambodia with IBSH was an eye opening, amazing, and life changing experience.
It was a privilege to spend time with such warm and welcoming people. We woke up every day to the beautiful sunrise for a day full of different activities. 
Although we arrived pretty much unprepared, we were able to find our feet quickly and help teach English not only in the orphanage but also in schools in the surrounding villages where they weren’t enough designated English teachers.

Despite the circumstances of many children, it was amazing to see that they still had a willingness to learn and a determination to make a future for themselves. 
I think this experience opened our eyes majorly to understand the work of organisations like IBSH by supporting children through education. This work is more than giving money. It is inspiring and empowering future generations by investing in the health, wellbeing and education of those children.
The bigger picture is that as the young people we have worked with grow, they will then be able to inspire others around them and together will be able to make a positive change and a lasting impact within their communities and subsequently on their nation".



Let IBSH help you discover what volunteering and helping others is all about by connecting you with the Namaste Children’s House in Pokhara, Nepal. The orphanage is home to 44 children and is situated in Lakeside. Pokhara is a 7 hour bus trip or a 25 minute flight from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. The Children range from 2 years old to 18 years old, they come from all over Nepal and have each experienced some horrifying events as children.

The Namaste Children’s House is a very professionally run orphanage, with a clear management team and vision to help the children grow up into respectable and intelligent young men and woman. It is a wonderful orphanage to experience your first volunteering adventure, the town is beautiful and the children are amazing, you will fall in love. Click here to see a recent video made on the orphanage – our founder Josh Porteous also speaks in the video.

Volunteer costs: 2 weeks $700 AUD (volunteering, food and accommodation inclusive)

Registration fee: $49 AUD

Testimonial from IBSH volunteer: Jarrad Freakley

Visiting Nepal has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The town of Pokhara is a one of a kind place with the most welcoming and warm people living within it. Whilst in this magnificent part of the world not only do you have some of the most spectacular scenery right at your doorstep, but you also have the opportunity to spend time with some amazing kids within the various orphanages. With the help of Josh and the IBSH family i had a chance to spend time connecting and bonding with the kids at the Namaste Childrens House! The thing about these children which will forever astound me in the way most of these kids have experienced more trauma and adversity than anyone should ever have to, and at such a young age, but have overcome and matured into the most happy and intelligent children I’ve ever seen. Every single morning you walk through those doors you are greeted with smiles from ear to ear from all the children, an experience that not only warms your heart but makes you never want to leave. From helping to prepare the childrens dinner, to playing a game of soccer at the local park, to helping the children study and further their education, there is never nothing to do with these unique, bright young men and women.

Nepal has changed me, the children have inspired me, i feel i have become a better human being from simply being around the kids of Namaste Children’s House and it is why i am forever grateful for the opportunity Josh and the IBSH have given me.
Thank you children, thank you Nepal, thank you IBSH


If you are interested in either volunteering in Cambodia or Nepal please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you an information form.

The information we send you will have details on the country you choose, travel plans, travel insurance options, accommodation options, activities, restaurants and more.