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"Be a part of our vision to give higher education to orphan youths in developing countries"

Our Children

Our children are hand picked by our staff, using the below guidelines the International Brothers & Sisters House select children in Cambodia, Nepal, Uganda and Tanzania for our educational program.

Intelligence is important but more than that we are looking for and have found children that:

  • Display a unique and endearing personality
  • Love their country with a sincere passion
  • Will understand and accept the responsibility and opportunity in front of them
  • Have a beautiful character and a giving heart
  • Are diligent towards their work - be it study or chores
  • Show compassion and love to their fellow man
  • Show or display certain influential or leadership qualities
  • Seek to understand and demand clarity
  • Have a mature head on their shoulders

When we break it all down, we are searching for children with a strong character and a beautiful heart.

See our children below - in order: Caristas from Tanzania, Sumitra & Saraswoti from Nepal, Phanna & Sokny from Cambodia, Maiti & Nanda from Nepal, Adam from Tanzania and Dipak from Nepal.