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"Be a part of our vision to give higher education to orphan youths in developing countries"

Our Projects


The International Brother & Sisters House believes that education is the key to one day ending poverty. We see no quick fix to the numerous problems in developing nations; these countries need a long term commitment to change and deeply passionate people driving it forward - our educational investment in orphan children hopes to one day be part of this change. In our eyes there is no one more powerful than a highly educated orphan child, a child that has had a troubled upbringing and experienced the worst that their country's conditions can deliver them, only to come out the other side a bright and strong minded, educated individual.

IBSH have homes and staff members always present in the 3 countries that we support. They spend their time with the sponsored children in the homes plus spending time in orphanages and child rescue centres, getting to know the young men and woman that we may support one day. When a child is selected by our organisation they are supported in every possible way. We have also partnered with English speaking universities in these countries.

The situation is different in each country, in Tanzania our home opened in April 2015 suppporting 6 young men and women through the Univeristy of Dar Es Salaam. In Cambodia our home will not open until October 2016 and will support 7 children at the Western University in Phnom Penh and in Nepal we are supporting 12 children through grades 11 & 12 to assist them through upper high school and ensure their path to university is as smooth as possible - Our home in Nepal is due to open in April of 2017.

What it costs to sponsor an IBSH child:

The total cost per year to sponsor one of our children is $2,500 AUD.

What your money is being spent on:

The $2,500 per year sponsorship money is spent on everything needed to support the orphan children in their transition from kind hearted teenager to university educated young adult. The support includes:

  • Housing in our IBSH home including full time support staff.
  • All educational fees, materials & stationery.
  • Food, water, electricity and all other utilities.
  • Access to communication devices.
  • Assisting to find gainful employment after they graduate from university.

 What you will get for your money and the contact you will have with your sponsored child:

Your sponsorship money is so very important to us and will make such a different in the child’s life. We want you to be part of this journey along with us. Your contact includes:

  • Becoming a member of IBSH – this gives you unlimited access to our financials, constitution and our meeting notes.
  • Receiving all their schooling/university results in real time.
  • Getting half yearly reports from the children and IBSH.

 The difference your sponsorship could make:

The children that you are sponsoring all come from horrible backgrounds filled with poverty, disease and famine. Most have been abused as young children and have suffered horrific accidents in their family environment that have landed them in an orphanage. The children up for sponsorship are all beautiful, kind hearted souls, it staggers me to think how they have come to be this way when you consider their background. Our goal is to give these children a helping hand, to inspire them and to give them the hope they need to achieve their dreams. In these developing nations, education is absolute key to slowly stepping away from poverty. The IBSH children will one day help their country's achieve significant steps towards development into a first world country.

If you are interested in supporting one of our children through Grade 11 & 12 (Nepal Only) or university (Nepal, Cambodia and Tanzania) then please follow the links to Donate Now and Sponsor a Child.

Josh Porteous, our Managing Director, is passionate about our education program


The goal of this program is to provide adequate healthcare and support to HIV-positive individuals in rural Tanzania that are currently left undiagnosed, untreated, or subject to poor healthcare. Our mobile medical team will initially travel for 6 weeks aroubd rural and unaided regions of Arusha to diagnose and treat individuals with HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases who do not have access to proper healthcare. The project’s first stage will involve viral targeted testing in order to diagnose individuals, then by working with the Tanzanian government to provide free high-quality Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) medication to the patients, and the continued providing of proper healthcare for these patients in the years to come.

An initial 6-week mobile medical outreach team that will travel throughout rural Tanzanian villages in an effort to diagnose and treat individuals with HIV, malaria, and other diseases who are currently living untreated.

Our team will consist of an experienced Doctor, healthcare worker, and various board members of The International Brothers and Sisters House (IBSH). Our mobile team plans to travel throughout a particular region of rural Tanzania over the course of 6 weeks in an attempt to diagnose as many individuals currently living with HIV. Our medically equipped van will perform HIV quick-tests to diagnose potential patients as well as subsequent viral testing (CD4 counts) if they are positive. The end goal is to build a database that IBSH, the Tanzanian government, and other NGOs can work to ultimately get the correct ART medications to as many children as possible.

We will also build up the trust of the communities to try and get as many people tested as possible. Seeking out local schools, health posts, religious congregations, as well as empowering the local leaders in these communities - teachers, elders of respect and village leaders.

Our biggest acheivement to date has been in Cambodia and next steps:

One of the boys in the New Hope for Cambodian Children orphanage, Peth (before and after pictured below) was in desperate need of the 3rd line ART medication and we worked with all the right agencies to finally get him the drugs he needed to survive.

We hope to use the process and guidelines we are currently putting together to help us achieve our goals in Tanzania - we are currently supporting 21 families all living with HIV in the Monduli and Mererani regions, assisting them with awareness and treatment of HIV, total health care, are providing food and putting 9 of the children through school. The below picture is our last food drop in Monduli.

Peth, who was in desperate need of ART medication, is now healthy and active 4 months after treatment began


One of our building projects in TanzaniaThe International Brothers & Sisters House have partnered with two NGO’s in Nepal and Tanzania. Both organisations understand their countries needs in regards to education in regional areas and are as dedicated as we are to assisting in building a successful platform to achieve this.

Our partner in Tanzania is Jitihada Support - a local not for profit NGO run by Michael Kawai whose mission is to provide educational opportunities within a nurturing environment to orphaned and other vulnerable children in Tanzania so that they become self-reliant and active members of their communities. The below photo is a school we just finished building for 74 orphan children.

Our partner in Nepal is Namaste Community Foundation - a locally based not for profit foundation whose mission is to strive to create a loving, holistic and healthy environment for the children, women and people of Nepal whose lives we have been entrusted with. We aim to care for the desperately needy children, women and needy people of Nepal so as to create healthy, self-reliant citizens.

We are proud to call both organisations trusted partners of ours and work hard to support them and their goals.

Any donation will help IBSH support our partners in building schools, medical outposts, orphanages and homes for the poor.