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"Be a part of our vision to give higher education to orphan youths in developing countries"

Why we do it

The three countries that the International Brothers & Sisters House supports are the three countries that our Founder and Managing Director Josh Porteous spent the majority of 2013 volunteering in. These countries are dear to his heart for many different reasons. He spent time in regional schools, child rescue centres, HIV orphanages and assisted in building projects. The people, their plight and their daily struggle to survive is something we are very passionate about and we will do anything to assist. We believe that education and health are two foundations for country development and it is what we are truly committed to. You will see by the below facts and figures that these three countries are some of the worst in the developing world in regards to poverty.

In terms of total population, the USA is just over double that of Cambodia, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda combined

But, in terms of GDP, the USA is almost 200 times wealthier than those 4 countries combined

Almost 70% of Tanzania's population lives on less than $1.25 a day, more than 20% of Nepalese and Ugandans and 18% of Cambodians. This is compared to just 2% of Americans and Australians.

Source: 2014 The World Bank Group, world development indicators data bank.