Mama Abida

By October 30, 2017

This beautiful family lives in the mining town of Mererani.

In parts of Tanzania, particularly mining towns, albinos are tragically murdered or dismembered, their body parts sold to witch doctors in the hopes of bringing good fortune. It is not uncommon to see albino men or women missing limbs, or for Tanzanian children to grow up believing in fables that albino men or women disappear into thin air during the night, unbeknownst to them the real reason why they are never seen again in their villages. Although actions by the local Tanzanian government and international organizations over the past two decades have aimed to thwart the gross abuse of albinos across the country, there is an extraordinarily long way to go before albino men and women are free from persecution.

We could not be happier to help support these three sweet kids, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. Warida and Mwajuma attend private schools out of necessity, to avoid discrimination and obtain special help. At private schools in Tanzania all subjects are taught in English, leading to these kids being more proficient in English at an early age.


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