Mama Mary

By October 30, 2017

This family’s living situation is arguably the worst of any families that we are sponsoring, and that is saying something. Mama, Geoffrey, and Joseph are all unwell. Geoffrey and Joseph are twins and are the cutest kids–complete characters who are brimming with life. They currently sleep on the ground of their mud home, which costs $5 per month to rent. Our friends at the NGO “The House that Zac Built” will fortunately be building this family a house within the next 1-2 years.

During our first food delivery to this family, Geoffrey and Joseph hopped onto a 20 kg bag of rice, smiling ear to ear, dancing and yelling out the same phrase in swahili.
“What are they saying?” I asked Adam, a fellow IBSH contributor. “They are saying ‘we are having rice tonight!’ The only time they ever eat rice is on Christmas.”


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