Deepak Pariyar

By October 24, 2017Nepal

Deepak was living with and working for a blind man after his mother had passed away from stomach cancer five months after giving birth to her eighteenth child, Mangali. Only nine of the eighteen children were still living, and most of them had left home to find work or to beg in the streets and Deepak was among them. Deepak had only a few clothes, which were very dirty, and he did not get enough to eat and did not go to school. His other siblings were scattered over Chitwan, also working to survive. Namaste Children’s House rescued him together with his two sisters, Mangali and Sushila.

Deepak is a very hardworking and sincere boy who loves his sisters dearly. He is now completing his higher study under the support of IBSH and preparing to go to University after his final exam.


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