Lokmaya Marashini

By October 24, 2017Nepal

When Lokmaya was six years old, she and her siblings were abandoned by their parents. After a quarrel one night, her father left and did not return. Soon afterward, her mother left as well, leaving Lokmaya and her sister with their grandmother. Their grandmother was eighty-one years old, and lived in a small village on a hillside. She had only a small plot of land and had trouble providing enough food for all of them. Also, because Lokmaya was born missing her right hand, it was more difficult for her to help her grandmother. She also was teased by other children in the village. Eventually, Lokmaya’s grandmother heard about Namaste and came and filled out an application.

Now she is grown up and doing her higher study (10+2) under support of IBSH at Namaste Children’s Hosue in Pokhara. She is a very hardworking and strong girl who wants to be a teacher in the future and to help poor children.


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