Sujata Gauchan

By October 24, 2017Nepal

When Sujata was four years old, her parents went away, leaving her in the care of her old grandmother. No one knows where her parents went, or why they left Sujata and her siblings. Living with her grandmother was difficult because her grandmother worked all day as a wash woman for a hotel. When not at school, Sujata would be playing in the streets outside of the hotel, waiting for her grandmother to get done with work. She often would wait for hours with no nothing to eat or drink. They lived in a small rented room and did not have enough money to buy basic necessities such as proper food or clothing. Sujata and her grandmother were living near to Namaste Children’s House and were encouraged by neighbors to put in an application for Sujata. After an official field visit, Sujata was rescued by Namaste Children’s House and is now supported by IBSH.

Sujata is doing her 10+2 study along with her other friends from the orphanage and she is also preparing for her final exam so that she can start University.


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