Sushila Pariyar

By October 24, 2017Nepal

There were four young children living with their father who was sick with heart disease and debilitated by alcoholism. Their mother had passed away from stomach cancer five months after giving birth to her eighteenth child, Mangali. Only nine of the eighteen children are still living, and most of them had left home to find work or to beg in the streets. The children were badly neglected and very malnourished. Their filthy clothes hung off of their bodies. All that was in their barren home was a pot to cook in, but no food to put into it. Mangali, who was only six months old, was being cared for by a villager, but she was too poor to continue to care for her. Upon seeing the extreme condition of the home, Namaste Children’s House decided to rescue the two youngest children Sushila and her six month old sister Mangali.

Sushila is currently doing her higher study under the support of IBSH at Namaste Children’s House. She is hardworking and sincere towards her study and future. We are very hopeful that she will complete her studies with good marks, and will progress to University.


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